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The Film Liberation Project is foundation for inter-disciplinary collaboration and knowledge creation, community building and sustainable practices.

Unlike other film courses, we mix the theory of film with the practical skills and techniques to make them. Both these things are the complimentary ends of the spectrum of knowledge that is needed to be an effective filmmaker. Access into film-making, even with the increase in digital technology, is often limited by finance, personnel and location, and what is expected from the process and the outcome of it is defined by those who have already established themselves in film-making and the film-making industry. The

entire system appears as closed circuit to those outside it, and alternatives are limited. The Film Liberation Project, is exactly that, an attempt to liberate filmmaking from this. In terms of

its creation and its embodiment, it is trans-disciplinary, transformational, collaborative and sustainable. Instead of the usual teacher/student dynamic The Film Liberation Project is hosted by filmmakers who share their experience, learn and work together with the participants.

From its very foundation this course is built on the learning of trans-disciplinary collaboration and the creative experience of working outside your usual sphere of knowledge and application, principals which will be then repeated in participants creations

Creative wellbeing workshop
An image of a film making workshop with a camera in the foreground
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